[09-02] Sung-Wook Nam, Dongbok Lee, Min-Ho Kwon, Dongmin Kang, Cheolkyu Kim, Tae-Yon Lee, Young-Wook Park, Kipil Lim, Hyo-Sung Lee, Jung-Sub Wi, Kyung-Woo Yi, Yoonho Khang and Ki-Bum Kim, "Electric-Field-Induced Mass Movem ... [BibTeX] [PDF]
[ABSTRACT] We report an electric-field-induced directional mass movement of Ge2Sb2Te5 in bottleneck geometry. Under high-electric-stress
circumstances 106 A cm−2, a mass of Ge2Sb2Te5 tends to move toward the cathode  by the remaining mass depletion at the
anode . The high electric stress induces an asymmetri ...